It’s a Dogs life


Well it seems we have an another media induced panic on our hands.  I called my Veterinarian this morning and they don’t have any vaccine for H3N8 “Dog Flu” . So being a “Do It Your Selfer”, I started looking for it, and found it “Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8″, well it only comes in a 25 ds package, and the online stores that had it are sold out. Also, it “might or might not” help them not get this strain.  So for now I guess this goes in to the category of “things I have no control over” . I will read up on symptoms, watch our dogs, and not take them to public places, I will hide and watch (as they say).



The Plan

I am going to be starting a Blog “Not Such an Empty Nest”, It will be about the MANY projects we have going on; the menagerie, home improvement, soap, goat milk products and yards/gardening and such. It will be sort of a how-to/fly-by-the-the-seat-of-your-pants type of blog. Since there is a HUGE learning curve for me with the blogging thing, it might look sort of messed up for a while, I will be experimenting, so please give me a little time to get better at it.  I will post what worked, what didnt work, and what products I used. Here’s to new adventures!!!!